Current Plans for the Server??

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Current Plans for the Server??

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:16 am

Current plans as of right now for the server are as follows: (Suggestions and ideas are more than welcomed!)

AoE Styles for all classes (1-3 Different styles with varying effect/increased damage with higher spec req)

Main Tanks: (Warrior, Hero, Arms) To get Buff style procs, heal procs, AoE DD/AoE Taunt Styles

Custom Classes (Nightmare-2h Leather class, Knights-1h tank with heal procs/buffs
- Still working on 1 more class

Increased stat caps, BP farm zone, BP merchants (Stat craft, Dragon, Labby items, Astrals, Artifacts, Custom Loot)

DF Bosses, Co5 dungeons for custom bosses, and some pve-grinding areas for coin/xp


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